Did you know that best real estate could be the one you are currently staying in?

Tired of returning to your dull, cramped and poorly designed home each day but don’t want to leave your much-loved neighbourhood? Why not knock down and rebuild with Trevelle Homes.

Building a new Trevelle Home gives you the benefits of quality features, value for money, visual appeal and the promise of a comfortable lifestyle based on a contemporary sustainable design that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Look at some of the benefits:

Staying at your current address means you can enjoy the familiar surrounds of your local schools, shops and community.

Costs of renovating are generally higher per m2 than building a new home
Savings on agents fees and stamp duty

Fixed price building contract that removes the uncertainty of hidden costs relating to renovations
Design flexibility that allows you to amend floor plans to suit your specific needs
Good building design means that you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The rewards include:-

– Higher resale value
– Improved quality of life
– Savings on Energy & Water bills.

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