4. The Building Agreement

Prior to lodgement of your Development Application a consultant will present the HIA Building Agreement. You will be required to finalise payment of the 5% deposit on the day.
It is at this point you will be required to provide Trevelle with proof of finance from your financial institution.

Budget Planning

Talk to our friendly consultant to discuss your ‘wish list’. Subject to the type and number of extras requested our home consultant will give you a price guide of what your new home will cost.
- Please note that extensive changes and extras will be subject to a quote fee.​

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1. The Pricing Process

The first step towards building a lifestyle designed Trevelle home is to arrange for a fixed* price tender for your nominated design on the block you have chosen. For just $1,000 (non-refundable) Trevelle will provide you with a detailed tender so you will know exactly what’s included in the price for building your new home.
Due to the detail involved the tender process normally takes around 10-15 working days. The Tender price is valid for a period 14 days from the date the tender is made available to you.
Upon acceptance of the fixed price tender a further 2.5% of contract value will be payable in order to prepare architectural plans as per your tender Schedule.
As soon as your plans are available they will be presented to you by one of our friendly consultants. This will be your final opportunity to discuss and finalise the structural layout of your home. If you chose to alter the structural layout of your home Trevelle will price accordingly. Pricing will be presented to you by way of quotation and if accepted will be raised as a variation to the tender price.
Our Architect will finalise your plans based on your tender schedule and any associated variations. Again your plans will be presented to you for final approval in anticipation of lodgement to Council or Private Certifier for Building Plan Approval.
All fees mentioned above are non-refundable and will be deducted from the final balance upon entering into a Building Agreement.

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Building a new home can seem daunting and complicated. There is lots to consider making it hard to know where to start and how it all works. We have streamlined this process to help you get started:


6. Construction

Trevelle Homes will commence construction within twenty working days upon receipt of Building Plan Approval provided that any and all necessary documentation as outlined in the HIA Building Agreement has been received and confirmation of demolition works has been satisfactorily completed if applicable.


Choosing your land

This is important. You have the opportunity to maximise your investment by not only choosing a block that’s close to everything you need, but also ensuring your home design suits your block. For example, check the width of the home frontage and any boundary setback requirements.

Choosing your design

Trevelle Homes offer a range of single storey and double storey designs with optional facades. If you have already purchased a block of land that does not suit our designs or are looking at rebuilding on your own existing land we can arrange for a custom architecturally designed home to suit. The cost for this service is subject to design and will be given on application.

5. Construction Issue Plans

Upon finalisation of your colours selections your plans will be updated and sent to you together with a copy of Building Plan Approval. At this stage it is important to note that no further changes can be made to the plans or specifications unless noted as a condition in the Building Plan Approval or other Statutory Authority.

Building Your New Home

*Subject to Trevelle's standard general conditions of Tender.

2. Colour Selection

You will receive a Colour Selection Pack at Tender acceptance. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the colours pack prior to attending your external colours appointment.
Once you have approved the structural layout of your home an external colour consultation will be arranged for you. This session will afford you the opportunity to select the external colours of your home in accordance with any Developer or Council guidelines. If required Trevelle will submit an application for developer approval based on your external colour selections. Please note that your external colour selections are final and cannot be altered in any way once developer approval has been granted or application for Building Plan Approval has been submitted.
Please note: You will be required to provide Trevelle with a concept landscape plan designed by a qualified Landscape Architect at this stage for submission to either Council and or your Developer prior to any applications being submitted.
The internal colour consultation will occur once lodgement of your development application has taken place. 

3. Approvals

Upon receipt of all necessary documentation, including developer approval, hydraulic details, water board approval, landscaping plans, mines subsidence approval or any the like your application will be lodged to Council or Private Certifier for approval. Approval times vary between Councils and can take several weeks to be approved.

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